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J42 2017 Dubbing and Voiceover from English into French (Module A - Summer School in AVT).

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J42 2017 Dubbing and Voiceover from English into French (Module A - Summer School in AVT).
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3rd July 2017 – 10th July 2017
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3rd July 2017
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After a definition of dubbing, the interaction between text and image will be discussed and you will learn about the technical issues that constrain dubbing in terms of time and space. We will then take a look at the different conventions applied in what is considered standard practice intranslation for dubbing: take segmentation, dubbing symbols, lip-syncing and the emulation of oral discourse. All these concept will be illustrated with examples and clips.

You will work with clips and will carry out some of the tasks pertaining to dubbing, like take segmentation (segmenting the translation according to different national conventions), insertion of dubbing symbols for voice talents, as well as the omnipresent lip-sync according to the constraints imposed by the medium.

In a supportive environment, you will make a simulated dubbing in the class with the help of Windows Movie Maker or VirtualDub, so that you can experience the technical and technological dimensions of dubbing.


This component starts with an introduction to voice-over as an audiovisual transfer mode which is gaining momentum in the international arena. Although references to fictional genres will be made, the focus will be on non-fiction (documentaries, interviews, corporate videos, etc.).

After describing voice-over practice in Europe, the main features of this transfer mode as well as the various workflows will be summarised. Special attention will be paid to synchronisation issues and the language rewording that it often entails.

You will translate and discuss various short clips that present different challenges, and specific software will be used to simulate voice-over.


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