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F63 System Thinking Workshop December 2017

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F63 System Thinking Workshop December 2017
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11th December 2017
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4th December 2017

Complex systems are everywhere - daily life is impossible without them. Services such as transport, healthcare, retail and banking are all complex systems, requiring people and technology to work together. 

How can we make our systems more effective? We need to start by understanding their behaviour – but looking at the component parts each in isolation (a reductionist approach) isn’t the way forward. Even in a simple system there can be a number of subtle cause-and-effects as elements interact and it is this emergent behaviour that makes a ‘systems-thinking’ approach imperative. Systems thinking tools help us to see our system as a whole and therefore help us to make sense of its complexity - to analyse it, understand it better and to make improvements. 

This workshop provides an introduction to the benefits of this approach through developing an understanding of what systems are and their essential properties. It introduces the principles of holism, hierarchy, partitioning, life cycles and subjectivity and of how to apply systems thinking tools such as systems dynamics and soft systems methodology. 

The workshop is one day, starting at 09:30 and finishing around 16:30, with four blocks of interactive lectures and group exercises. 


This workshop is for anyone looking for new approaches to managing complexity in projects, organisations or businesses.

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