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D92 The Uses of Tradition: A Comparative Enquiry into the Nature, Uses and Functions of Oral Poetry




In the Balkans, The Baltic, and Africa, by Michael Branch & Celia Hawkesworth (1994) SSEES Occasional Papers no. 26

The Uses of Tradition: A Comparative Enquiry into the Nature, Uses and Functions of Oral Poetry in the Balkans, The Baltic, and Africa.
Category: Literature and Culture


Detailed Description


List of Contributors

Foreword (Celia Hawkesworth, Michael Branch)

The Impact of the South Slav Tradition

1)     The impact of Vuk Karadžic on the tradition: the importance for Homer (Albert B. Lord)

2)     Vuk Karadžic and the achievements of his singers (Svetozar Koljevic)

3)     The study of South Slav oral poetry: a select annotated bibliography of works in English (1800-1980) (Celia Hawkesworth)

The Study of Serbo-Croat Tradition

4)     The poetics of the Serbian Oral tradition in Vuk Karadžic (Nada Miloševic-Djordjevic)

5)     The collections of oral lyric (women’s songs) arranged and published by Vuk Karadžic: the earliest ritualistic layers (Hatidža Krnjevic)

6)     The classification of Serbo-Croat oral epic songs into cycles: reasons  and consequences (Marija Kleut)

7)     Poems and events: historicity in Serbo-Croat oral epics (Jovan Deretic)

8)     South Slav oral tradition in a comparative context (John Miles Foley)

The Comparative Dimension

9)     The concepts of centrality and marginality, and their application in the study of heroic narrative (Robert Cockcroft)

10)  What is a heroic lay? Some reflections of the Germanic, Serbo-Croat and Fula (A. T. Hatto)

11)  Parallelism in South Slav and Turkic epic poetry: towards a poetics of formulaic diction (Karl Reichl)

12)  Modern Greek and South Slav oral tradition: specific contrasts and theoretical implications (Roderick Beaton)

13)  Epic poetry cultures and the use of formula technique: some problems of definition (Lauri Harvilahti)

Manipulation of Tradition

14)  Primus inter pares: why was Vuk Karadžic the most influential folklore scholar in South-Eastern Europe in the nineteenth century? (Vilmos Voigt)

15)  The invention of a national epic (Michael Branch)

16)  ‘The bling Homer of the North’: great-tradition metaphor in portrayals of Finnish and Karelian folk singers (Seppo Knuuttila)

Some Present-Day Functions of Tradition

Singers on their songs: the act of singing as perceived by singers in the Setu region of Estonia today (Leea

17)     Virtanen)

18)     The dynamics of singer and audience in contemporary Zulu praise poetry: shifts in tradition (Elizabeth Gunner)

19)     Oral poetry and politics dissent in Somali society: the Hurgamo series (Said S. Samatar)

(229 pages)

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