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F10 Teaching English Grammar in Context.

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Course Information

Teaching English Grammar in Context

The new National Curriculum requires teachers to teach English grammar, starting in primary school and maintained throughout Key Stages 3 – 5 at secondary school.


There are plenty of debates around the nature of how grammar should be taught, but in this course we advocate the use of a contextualised approach, using tools from literary linguistics and stylistics. This means teaching and learning about grammar through the use of authentic texts, and encouraging discussions and explorations around meanings, choices and effects. This highly interactive course is designed for secondary school teachers who want to find out more about such an approach.


Based on the latest developments in educational and linguistic research, the course is designed to help teachers who:


  • want to explore interesting and engaging methods for teaching grammar in relation to a range of texts, genres and styles;
  • want to learn about recent developments in stylistics and how this can be incorporated into a meaningful grammar pedagogy;
  • want usable and accessible teaching ideas to take back into their own classrooms;
  • want to maintain and develop their students’ KS2 grammatical knowledge.

Course Code

English Grammar in Context SEU

Course Date

11th May 2018

Places Available


Course Leader

Ian Cushing
Course Description

This course is an interactive workshop, with plenty of time for discussion and questions.


You'll explore various aspects of English grammar in relation to a range of literary and non-literary texts, and explore ways to integrate this into your own teaching.

You’ll see how knowledge about grammar can be used as a tool to analyse texts. This approach, using clear criteria and a consistent toolset, provides you with the means to analyse a wide range of texts in the classroom. 


This course is completely tailored to the 2014 UK National Curriculum, so you can be confident that you'll learn about English grammar as specified in the curriculum.


You'll have access to the latest research and training from leading UCL academic experts in the field of English grammar and pedagogy.


The course aims to help you:

  • understand methods, approaches and principles for teaching grammar in context;
  • be able to apply grammatical knowledge in analysing a range of literary and non-literary texts;
  • understand how grammar works as a meaning-making resource;
  • feel confident in the methods used to analyse English grammar, and use that confidence to enthuse your students in the classroom


Who this course is for


This course is designed for secondary school teachers who wish to explore ideas for applying and integrating grammar and knowledge about language into their teaching. This course presupposes that you have some basic grammatical knowledge, perhaps as a result of participating on our other course, English Grammar for Teachers (http://www.ucl.ac.uk/lifelearning/courses/english-grammar-for-teachers). Before taking Teaching English Grammar in Context we recommend that you explore the content and glossary on www.englicious.org (free sign-up).


The English Grammar for Teachers course is designed to build confidence in subject knowledge. Teaching English Grammar in Context is designed to apply that subject knowledge. If you feel you have very little or no explicit knowledge of English grammar, we recommend that you take the English Grammar for Teachers course first. 



Benefits of taking this course


For teachers

  • You'll build confidence in teaching grammar and understand how to integrate grammatical knowledge into your own lessons and schemes of work;
  • You’ll explore an accessible and enabling pedagogy for the teaching of grammar;
  • You'll meet other teachers and discuss ideas and issues;
  • You’ll be taught by UCL experts in grammar and educational linguistics.


For schools

  • Your teaching staff will be up-to-date with innovative methods for teaching grammar, informed by the latest research in stylistics, grammar and literary linguistics;
  • Your staff will be confident in the classroom and able to engage and enthuse pupils in grammar as part of the curriculum;
  • Your school will be meeting the requirements of each Key Stage in the National Curriculum.


For pupils

  • Pupils will learn about grammar in a fun and applied way;
  • They'll learn how grammar works as a meaning-making resource;
  • They can use Englicious to practise what they've learnt and test their knowledge;
  • They can improve their confidence in grammar; 
  • Englicious will help pupils improve their GCSE and A-level results.


Additional information


  • Lunch and tea/coffee is provided
  • Exact location details within UCL will be emailed to participants a week before
  • A certificate of attendance is available for those who request it



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