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K46 CLEAPSS: Keep it Safe! – Health and Safety in Practical Science for New Teachers

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K46 CLEAPSS: Keep it Safe! – Health and Safety in Practical Science for New Teachers

This course will develop the skills needed to run a successful practical science lesion. Suggestions and tips based on CLEAPSS publications will be given.

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30th January 2018

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Steve Jones, CLEAPSS

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The objectives for this course are to

  • raise the awareness of health and safety matters amongst new science teachers
  • fulfill, in part, the obligation on employers to provide health and safety

training for new staff

  • develop an understanding of risk assessment
  • allow participants to share concerns about health and safety matters
  • further develop skills and techniques for running a successful practical lesson

There will be 4 main workshops:

  • Safety in school science
  • the role of the NQT
  • Risk assessment and dealing with emergencies
  • How to make the best use of CLEAPSS resources

Dealing with issues raised by participants including learning from past accidents

Each workshop includes a number of activities such as presentations, discussion in groups, quizzes etc.

The course will seek to reassure the over-anxious, whilst restraining the too independently-minded teacher. It will debunk a few myths and look at legal requirements and the duties of teachers and their employers.

There will be opportunities to check model risk assessments, such as Hazcards, and to consider how these might need to be modified to deal with problems of a particular school, room or class. The importance of adopting control measures, such as eye protection, and of sticking to agreed procedures will be emphasised. The session dealing with emergencies will consider Immediate Remedial Measures for personal injuries and other incidents.

Activities in the lab that commonly give rise to problems will be highlighted and discussed.  There will be opportunities to discuss each participant’s own safety concerns.

The day will end with an opportunity to consolidate the lessons learned during the day.

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