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Anthropology (F22)


UCL Anthropology studies humanity in all its aspects: from our evolution as a species, to our relationship with the material world, and our vast variety of social practices and cultural forms.

Our department is one of only a few broad based anthropology departments in the UK comprised of four sub-sections including Biological Anthropology, Social Anthropology,Material Culture and Medical Anthropology. Our teaching and research reflects the breadth and depth of this cross and interdisciplinary approach.

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Anthropology (F22)

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F22 Documentary Concepts and Research

This course is for documentary practitioners who want to critically frame their filmmaking in order to produce thought-provoking films that have social and cultural implications. It also addresses a broad range of conceptual methodologies that offer a good springboard for practice-led research (e.g. practice-based PhD, visual ethnography, experimental filmmaking, video art, etc.). Although no prerequisites are required, it is generally recommended that participants first do the “Documentary Storytelling” course. At the discretion of the tutor, participants can bring their own material for discussing their research.  

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15/05/201719/06/2017[Read More]

F22 Documentary Storytelling

An evening course exploring documentary filmmaking as storytelling

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10/05/201706/06/2017[Read More]
Open City.

F22 Editing Your Documentary: Practical.

Course hours: 11am - 5pm

A craft editing course to begin and to progress to a rough cut stage for your documentary.

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01/04/201722/04/2017[Read More]
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F22 Introduction to Radio Feature Making.

The key outcome of the course will be the production of a short five-minute radio feature, which participants to present to one another during a final listening session in week 5.


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11/05/201708/06/2017[Read More]
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F22 Sound for Self-Shooters

The course aims to give self-shooting filmmakers the confidence to make quick decisions on location to record decent quality sound, when hiring a sound recordist just doesn't factor into the budget.

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03/06/201710/06/2017£250.00[Read More]
Open City Docs

F22 Summer Film School ( 6Weeks).

Over the course of six weeks each student will aim to complete a short documentary film of 5 to 10 minutes. With the proliferation of cheap broadcast quality cameras, editing software and powerful computers, self-shooting directors are in increasing demand. 

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03/07/201721/07/2017£1600.00[Read More]

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