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Clinical Educational and Health Psychology (F66)


We undertake world-leading research and teaching in mind, behaviour, and language. It brings together researchers in a range of disciplines such as psychoanalysis, neuroscience, health, education, communication, medicine, behaviour and development. The Department is a vibrant environment for both study and research. UCL is the top-ranked university in the UK for research in Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience.


Clinical Educational and Health Psychology (F66)


F66 Attachment & Trauma: State Of The Art A Homage To The Inspiration Of Mary Main


Mary Main’s argument for the need for a representational concept of attachment (Main, Kaplan and Cassidy 1985) and her identification of a category of disorganised/disoriented attachment that was particularly associated with children who had experienced adversity (Main and Solomon, 1986) were key landmarks in the development of attachment studies (Rutter, Kreppner & Sonuga-Barke, 2009).  This event will build on Main’s groundbreaking insight into the far-reaching impact that early trauma can have on a person’s capacity to represent, interpret and navigate their social world.  We will address both biological and cultural aspects of attachment, exploring the neuroscience and other biomarkers of attachment trauma and considering research that indicates the need to interrogate our assumptions about risks and protective factors in a person’s cultural context.  These insights have profoundly influenced our ability to address trauma therapeutically and the conference will share new developments in intervention and prevention of the consequences of trauma, particularly focused on a mentalisation-based approach.


Please note that this is a Hybrid event that will be In-person and Online.


In-Person Tickets

In-person ticket prices include lunch and refreshments.


Concession Tickets

Trainees, Part-Time Students and UCL Staff/Alumni are eligible for a concession ticket.  


Attendee CategoryCost   
1) Standard In Person.£190.00[Read More]
2) Concession In Person.£140.00[Read More]
3) Standard Group Booking In Person.£180.00[Read More]
4) Concession Group Booking In Person.£130.00[Read More]
5) Standard Online Only.£130.00[Read More]
6) Concession Online.£95.00[Read More]
7) Full-time Student Online.£50.00[Read More]
8) LMIC Online.£40.00[Read More]
CBC Online Training Programme: Principles & Practice

F66 CBC Training Programme: Intermediate Applied Principles & Practice of Behaviour Change 2023


Participants will be introduced to the principles of behaviour change, and how these can be applied to practical problems. The course is aimed at anyone who is interested in behaviour change; from researchers, practitioners, intervention designers, managers and policy makers.


Places are limited with the course strictly capped at 36 participants.


Please note this course is delivered live across multiple time zones. Sessions begin at 9am GMT.


See here for more information on CBC’s International Training Programme: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/behaviour-change/training/international-training-programme


Please note:


(1) Early bird rates available until 16th July 2023.


(2) Low, middle income countries (LMIC) Discount: to be eligible, participants must work for an organisation that has its administrative offices based in an LMIC, or be employed by an organisation and live in an LMIC. This includes university staff and students from LMIC. LMIC List of Countries (Wellcome Trust)


Attendee CategoryCost   
1) Early Bird Low Middle Income Countries, Univerity, 3rd & Public Sector.£970.00[Read More]
2) Early Bird Universities, 3rd Sectors, Small Enterprises & Start- Ups (1-49).£1575.00[Read More]
3) Early Bird Public Sector & Medium Enterprises (50-249).£2185.00[Read More]
4) Early Bird Large Enterprises (250+).£3395.00[Read More]

F66 Children & Young People Growing Up In Poverty: What Can Educational Psychology Contribute 2023


In (2016), Psychologists Against Austerity wrote a briefing paper outlining the ‘damaging psychological costs of austerity policies’. Their report summarised five ‘Austerity Ailments’, ways in which austerity policies impact specifically on mental health: humiliation and shame; fear and distrust; instability and insecurity; isolation and loneliness and the experience of being trapped and powerless (p.1). Since then we have lived through a global pandemic which has exacerbated existing health and social inequalities (Marmot, 2020) and we are now in the context of a cost-of-living crisis. Given research findings highlighting the impact of poverty on children’s development (Cooper & Stewart, 2021; Shonkoff & Garner, 2012), what should educational psychologists being doing to support this agenda; how can we work with our communities, schools and families to improve the experiences of those we work with? This conference will provide participants with a chance to hear about theory and up-to-date research around the impact of poverty on children and young people and their families, so that they can contribute to debates around social justice and can develop practice in the profession and in their working contexts.  In the final part of the day, there will be an opportunity to work with colleagues in a group discussion task, to think about the implications of the day and to share ideas, as well as examples of practice already in place. Notes from the sessions and any resources shared will be collated by the UCL team and disseminated to participants.


Please note that Lunch and refreshments will be provided at this event.


Please contact [email protected] if you are unable to book a place due to max capacity and you will be placed on the waiting list.

Attendee CategoryCost   
Educational Psychologists (EPs).£100.00[Read More]
Trainee Educational Psychologists (TEPs) & DEdPsy Members.£15.00[Read More]
CST Training 2022

F66 Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) Training with Dr Helen Donovan May 2023


Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) Training with Dr Helen Donovan

A 2-day online course


Tuesday 2 May 2023, 9:00 – 12:00 BST

Wednesday 3 May 2023, 9:00 – 12:00 BST

Online via Zoom


What is Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST)?

CST is an evidence-based group treatment for people with mild to moderate dementia. It involves 14 or more sessions of stimulating, themed activities, based around more complex principles including learning theory and person-centred care. CST can be extended into a longer-term treatment and can be offered to a range of clients including outpatients and people in residential or day care.


What does the training involve?

Training is interactive, involving group exercises, role-play, and video observation as well as some ‘teaching’. It is aimed to equip people with the knowledge required to deliver group CST in their work setting.


Who is the trainer?

The training is led by Dr Helen Donovan, a consultant clinical psychologist who has held senior positions since 2004 in the NHS in Bedfordshire & Luton including developing and providing services to people with dementia. She has been involved in CST and Maintenance CST research projects with UCL and has extensive experience of supervising and delivery of CST groups, and providing CST training in the UK and internationally.

Attendee CategoryCost   
1) Standard Rate (1-3 Places).£100.00[Read More]
2) Multiple Places (4-6).£90.00[Read More]
3) Multiple Places (7-10).£80.00[Read More]

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