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Biochemical Engineering (F47)

Biochemical Engineering (F47)


F47 MBI: Antibody Targeted Therapies (Online)


This online course is designed to provide an intensive overview of the antibody therapeutics field, enabling you to:


  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the historical aspects, current research and future direction of the development of antibodies as


  • Provide an overview on key aspects including antibody structure,function, diversity, antibody fragments and Antibody Drug Conjugates


  • Gain insights to some of the issues that are required to develop antibodies from the bench to the clinic/market and raises issues with regard to manufacture, intellectual property and regulatory aspects.
  • Effectively engage in cross-disciplinary collaborations with other professionals on how to formulate a strategy to design, develop and apply industry regulations and best practice to ensure quality and success.


Flexible Learning

Self-paced learning through a series of interactive audio presentations and animated videos. From the date of enrolment, delegates can access online materials for up to 9 months allowing for flexible study.



Attendee CategoryCost   
Academic Discount.£760.00[Read More]
Standard.£950.00[Read More]
Design & Economic Evaluation

F47 MBI: Bioprocess Design & Economic Evaluation 2023


Focusing on how to specify the process and how to determine its economic feasibility.

This module focuses on how to specify a complex bioprocess and determine its economic feasibility. It will:

  • Specify a major item of process equipment.
  • Interpret engineering drawings used in equipment procurement.
  • Perform economic analyses of the process and determine sensitivities to process changes.
  • Achieve value for money in complex engineering projects.
  • Recommend a process that is technically feasible and economically viable.
  • Determine the types of data needed to specify unit operations and processes.
  • Develop process flowsheets and mass balances.
  • Network with sector leaders and subject matter experts.

The cost of the course includes tuition, course materials, lunches, refreshments and a networking dinner. Accommodation is not included.


Attendee CategoryCost   
Standard.£1750.00[Read More]
Bioprocess Facility Design

F47 MBI: Bioprocess Facility Design 2023


This module focuses on how to take a process from a paper design to fully-operational facility, and will enable you to:

  • Design a plant layout considering the relevant regulatory requirements.
  • Understand the impact of facility design requirements on costs.
  • Determine a project schedule including phases, installation, commissioning and validation.
  • Accurately interpret engineering drawings used in design.
  • Prepare a safety and environmental review to define risks, hazards and safety strategy.
  • Understand the role of contractors, work with them more effectively and analyse their proposals.
  • Network with sector leaders and subject matter experts.

 The cost of the course includes tuition, course materials, lunches, refreshments and a networking dinner. Accommodation is not included.


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Special Discount.£1575.00[Read More]
Standard.£1750.00[Read More]

F47 MBI: Cell & Gene Therapy Bioprocessing & Manufacture 2023


This course addresses the real-world challenges of translating discoveries to the clinic in a way that is commercially viable. A series of lectures and interactive case studies will enable you to:


  • Understand the distinctions of manufacturing cells compared with biologics
  • Understand the challenges faced in advancing cell and gene therapies to clinic and the lessons learned from established companies
  • Understand the impact of design and engineering considerations on cell and gene therapy manufacture
  • Identify and define critical process parameters for different cell and gene therapy applications
  • Knowledge and application of analytical toolsets for quality measurement
  • Understand key implications to facilitate and expedite translation from laboratory to a manufacturing and clinical setting


This course will take place online and does not require travel to UCL.


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Standard.£1750.00[Read More]

F47 MBI: Downstream Processing - Chromatography 2023


This module focuses on product purification and, through a series of lectures and case studies will enable you to:

  • Understand the principles of different methods of process chromatography, including Packed Bed, Monoliths, Expanded Bed.
  • Select the appropriate media for, and predict the performance of, chromatography separations upon scale-up.
  • Assess the suitability of affinity separation as a product purification operation and gain awareness of advances in rational ligand design for difficult separations.
  • Determine appropriate strategies for the maintenance of column and process hygiene.
  • Consider how chromatography is changing at industrial scale, and which new technologies will have an impact in the future.


Attendee CategoryCost   
Standard.£1750.00[Read More]
Principles of Fermentation

F47 MBI: Principles of Fermentation Processes 2023 (Online)


This module will strengthen your knowledge of fermentation processes and through a series of lectures and case studies will enable you to:

  • Define different modes of fermentation and know their limitations.
  • Develop a suitable medium and perform a material balance.
  • Interpret fermentation data and use it effectively.
  • Characterise the kinetics of cell growth and how they apply to different cell systems.
  • Determine fermentation productivity and yields.
  • Learn about new developments in fermentation technology (single use bioreactors)
  • Develop a strategy for fermentation process development.


Attendee CategoryCost   
Standard.£1750.00[Read More]
Quality by Design

F47 MBI: Quality by Design of Effective Bioprocess Characterisation & Validation 2023


Get expert guidance on choosing on how best to integrate QbD, DoE and PAT into lifecycle approach to process characterisation.


A series of stimulating interactive lectures from experts in the field and teamwork activities will enable you to:


  • Learn about the latest FDA and EMEA regulations with regards to QbD, PAT, process characterisation and validation.
    • Understand current and future perspectives of the impact of QbD and PAT on the effort required for process characterisation.
    • Learn how to perform Risk Assessments to determine Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) and Critical Process Parameters (CPPs).
    • See examples of how to combine scale-down models with historical knowledge and DoE to map out Design Space.
    • Understand the principles behind the characterisation and validation of unit operations, such as fermentation, filtration, chromatography, formulation through to supply chain logistics.
    • Learn how to apply QbD to continuous operations, e.g. perfusion culture and filtration operations.
    • Explore the impact of single-use components on validation needs
    • Apply QbD when implementing pre/post-approval process changes.
    • Network with sector leaders and subject matter experts.

 The cost of the course includes tuition, course materials, lunches, refreshments and a networking dinner. Accommodation is not included.


Attendee CategoryCost   
Standard.£1750.00[Read More]
Rapid Fermentation

F47 MBI: Rapid Fermentation Process Design 2023 (Online)


This module focuses on the design and specification of bioreactors and the application of microscale techniques for rapid fermentation process development and scale-up. A series of comprehensive lectures and case studies will enable you to:

  • Understand engineering principles of fermentation.
  • Determine power consumption and oxygen mass transfer.
  • Evaluate different strategies for scale-up and scale-down.
  • Know about miniaturised bioreactors and their role in fermentation process development.
  • Understand how to design a bioreactor and use data from microscale experiments for scaleup.


Attendee CategoryCost   
Standard.£1750.00[Read More]

F47 MBI: Smart Digitalisation Decisions in Bioprocess Development & Manufacturing 2023


Learn how to make the best-fitting practical decisions to enable digital-readiness within bioprocess industries.


The training sessions will explore how simple and easy-to-adopt tools can provide substantial benefits in data analysis, and data-driven decisions made for process development and optimisation. This will be supported by a series of expert lectures on: 


  • Systematic data acquisition and storage infrastructures
  • Management of large data storage and handling platforms
  • Pipelines for retrospective analysis of historical datasets for process development and optimisation
  • Development of efficient process models enabled through high quality data availability
  • Role of bioprocess automation and semantics in supporting automation-related decisions
  • Role of metabolic models in bioprocess monitoring and control
  • Out-of-the-box thinking in adopting the most suitable configuration to address the needs of specific bioprocesses
  • Regulation of the use of AI in Biopharma and Biologics

 The cost of the course includes tuition, course materials, lunches, refreshments and a networking dinner. Accommodation is not included.


Attendee CategoryCost   
Standard.£1750.00[Read More]

F47 Pluripotent Stem Cells in Culture 31st May 2023


One-day colloquium is designed to help researchers with the daily challenges encountered when culturing human pluripotent stem cells. We will present tips and tricks which will help to successfully culture iPSc and embryonic stem cell lines. 

We will cover the following topics: 

  1. Introduction to the culture of pluripotent stem cells 
  2. Co-culture with feeders 
  3. Feeder free culture 
  4. Passaging using different techniques
  5. Differentiations of pluripotent stem cells 
  6. Characteristic staining patterns of undifferentiated and differentiated stem cells 
  7. Culture adaptation and abnormal culture 
  8. Infection during culturing 


Please contact Ludmila Ruban ([email protected]) prior to booking on this course

Attendee CategoryCost   
Standard.£250.00[Read More]

F47 VISION Leadership Programme


VISION addresses critical drivers facing the sector, which create unique strategic challenges, including IP, portfolio management, integrating new technologies, adapting to regulatory requirements, managing risks and speed to market.


Designed for high-impact individuals, VISION provides key leadership insights tailored for present and future leaders in the bioindustry. This is achieved through rigorous intellectual analysis and practical peer-to-peer action based learning, which provides the required tools to drive innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership in organisations.


Attendee CategoryCost   
Standard.£2500.00[Read More]

F47 MBI Mini Series: Future Trends in Mammalian Cell Biomanufacturing


This one-day event will combine technical research presentations with moderated discussion sessions. The agile agenda will focus on four key themes:


  • High Cell Density and Intensified Processes
  • Beyond mAbs and CHO
  • Bioprocess Digitalisation
  • New Modalities


Each session will feature two short lectures followed by a hosted discussion and Q&A.


Attendee CategoryCost   
Standard.£250.00[Read More]

F47 MBI Mini Series: Introduction To LCA For Sustainable Bioprocesses


This one-day event will cover the key stages of LCA preparation and will:


  • Explain key terminology and frameworks used in the preparation of sustainability evaluations. 
  • Introduce participants to the sequence of stages involved in LCA: how to define the goal and scope of an LCA study; what kinds of data are required for the life cycle inventory; how to select an impact assessment method; how to interpret findings from an LCA. 
  • Demonstrate how LCA data can be used within the bioprocess sector at various stages to inform decision making  


The cost of the course includes tuition, course materials, lunch and refreshments.


Attendee CategoryCost   
Standard.£350.00[Read More]
Data Analytics

F47 MBI: Advanced Data Analytics for Biopharmaceutical Optimisation 2023


The course will provide an introduction into the most important statistics and data exploration tools necessary to evaluate challenging bioprocess data sets.

This course will provide the delegate with the following skillset:


  • Practical data analytic tools in Python: Learn the basics of Python by analysing real-world data sets
  • Multivariate data analysis (MVDA) and Machine learning (ML) expertise: Build and validate advanced process models on challenging bioprocessing data sets
  • “Big Data” analytics: How to deal with large manufacturing data sets and automate the model building process
  • Bioprocessing expertise and knowledge: Learn the most important statistics and data exploration tools necessary to interpret challenging biologic data sets

 The cost of the course includes tuition, course materials, lunches, refreshments and a networking dinner. Accommodation is not included.


Attendee CategoryCost   
Standard£1750.00[Read More]

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