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UCL Institute of Neurology (D07)


The Institute of Neurology was established in 1950, merged with UCL in 1997, and is a key component of the Faculty of Brain Sciences at UCL. The Institute has eight academic Departments, which encompass clinical and basic research within each theme. In parallel, there are currently six Divisions representing professional affiliations.




UCL Institute of Neurology (D07)

Neurology 2018

D07 Neurology 2023: Leading Edge Neurology For the Practising Clinician.


The course is designed for Consultants and senior trainees in neurology and other neuroscience specialties, from the UK, Europe and worldwide, and aims to provide a practical update on the hospital management of neurological diseases.


It is a pleasure to announce the 2023 programme for this annual course, a highlight of the British Neurology calendar. The course is designed for Consultants and senior trainees in neurology and other neuroscience specialties, from the UK, Europe and worldwide, and aims to provide a practical update on the hospital management of neurological diseases. The focus of the course is on everyday neurological practice which will include lectures and a CPC. The course will be didactic, but also entertaining and informative.



• MRI quiz

10 CPD points applied for with the Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians for the main course


Thank you for your booking. We look forward to welcoming you on this course on the 30th March 2023. The course will be delivered in person at UCL.  Please visit https://www.ucl.ac.uk/ion/neurology-2023-leading-edge-neurology-practising-clinician for more information on the course.


Attendee CategoryCost   
Clinical Trainees & Research Fellows For Both Days.£80.00[Read More]
Consultant & Associate Specialists For Both Days.£140.00[Read More]
Students Both Days.£10.00[Read More]
UCL/UCLH Staff.£10.00[Read More]
Queen Square

D07 Final Year Electives for Medical Students


The Institute of Neurology offers a limited number of undergraduate Elective placements, to final year medical students from the UK and abroad, which are booking at least 18 months in advance. These placements are not strictly structured - it is advisable to be as pro-active as possible. It is up to the individual student to choose the activities they wish to attend, within their assigned clinical group/formal teaching programme, which would most benefit them during their placement.  


Attendee CategoryCost   
A) Elective 1.£200.00[Read More]
B) Elective 2.£400.00[Read More]
C) Elective 3.£600.00[Read More]
D) Elective 4.£600.00[Read More]
E) Elective 5.£800.00[Read More]
F) Elective 6.£1000.00[Read More]
G) Elective 7.£1200.00[Read More]
H) Elective 8.£1400.00[Read More]
I) Elective 9.£1600.00[Read More]
J) Elective 10.£2400.00[Read More]
K) Elective 11.£3000.00[Read More]
L) Elective 12.£3200.00[Read More]
M) ION Elective.£2200.00[Read More]
N) Electve 13.£2800.00[Read More]
O) Electve 14.£2000.00[Read More]
The Hot Brain

D07 The Hot Brain - Climate Change & Neuroscience


The first climate change and neuroscience conference, delivered by UCL.


Likely topics include:


  • Lived Experience: Dravet Syndrome
  • Climate Change: an introduction to the science
  • Brain gene expression changes with temperature
  • How the human body copes with heat
  • Climate, buildings, health: adapting residential care
  • Climate Change: the health cost
  • Temperature effects and in vitro models
  • Neurology in the heat of Spain
  • The psychology of climate action
  • Lived Experience: alternating hemiplegia of childhood
  • Climate Change and the spread of disease
  • Temperature effects in animal models
  • Neurology in the Philippines, a climate-challenged country
  • Climate Change and cities: what can we expect?
  • The Greener NHS plan: now and tomorrow
  • What can we do as health professionals?


The Special Rate is for people who come from Countries and Territories most affected by climate change (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Chad, Haiti, Kenya, Malawi, Niger, Pakistan, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Myanmar, Thailand, the Philippines, Bolivia, Malawi, Nepal).


Please note that this is a Hybrid meeting, online & in person at Kennedy Lecture Theatre, Institute of Child Health - Main Building, 30 Guildford Street, London, WC1N 1EH


Attendee CategoryCost   
1) In Person Attendance.£20.00[Read More]
2) Online Only.£20.00[Read More]
3) In Person Attendance Special Rate.£0.00[Read More]
4) Online Only Special Rate.£0.00[Read More]

D07 Two Days Statistics with STATA Workshop at UCL QSIoN 2023.


Introduction to Statistics with Stata course provides a complete introduction to statistical analysis using the software package, Stata. It is ideal for new or beginner-level users who want to have a head start and learn how to use STATA efficiently. It also fits with advanced researchers who want to learn basic data management and choose appropriate statistical tests to analyse their own data using STATA.


The course will cover six different topics in 2 days. On the first day, we aim to cover 3 topics:

  1. How STATA works
  2. Summarizing & displaying data
  3. Comparing continuous data including ANOVA.


On the 2nd day we will cover 3 topics:

  1. Comparing categorical data
  2. Basic non-parametric tests
  3. Correlation & regression (linear).


Please note that the event will be from 10am to 1pm on both days.

Please note that the course will be held in Room TR7 on the 1st Floor, 7 Queen Square.

Attendee CategoryCost   
1) IoN Student & Staff For Both Days.£20.00[Read More]
2) UCL For Both Days.£60.00[Read More]
3) External For Both Days.£120.00[Read More]
UCL Neurology

D07 2023 Pre-Course Symposium: Preparing for the Speciality Certificate Exam


This half day course is designed for clinicians preparing for the speciality certificate exit exam, and is delivered by Neurologists working at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery. A specially prepared book of revision notes and sample questions will be given to all delegates - invaluable tips for those preparing for the Speciality Certificate Exam.


Thank you for booking. We look forward to welcoming you on this course on the 29th March 2023.


Attendee CategoryCost   
Standard.£50.00[Read More]

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