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Anthropology (F22)

UCL Anthropology studies humanity in all its aspects: from our evolution as a species, to our relationship with the material world, and our vast variety of social practices and cultural forms.

Our department is one of only a few broad based anthropology departments in the UK comprised of four sub-sections including Biological Anthropology, Social Anthropology,Material Culture and Medical Anthropology. Our teaching and research reflects the breadth and depth of this cross and interdisciplinary approach.

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Anthropology (F22)

Anthropology of Home

F22 Anthropology of Home (Online)


Aided by ethnographic examples from across the globe, explore the meaning of home and the role of anthropology in understanding identity and belonging.

StartEndCourse Fee 
20/09/202208/11/2022£180.00[Read More]
Documentary as Encounter

F22 Documentary as Encounter (Online).


A rich and diverse journey through the work of historical and contemporary filmmakers who use the camera as a tool for encounter.

StartEndCourse Fee 
14/11/202219/12/2022£150.00[Read More]
Documentary Editing: An Introduction

F22 Documentary Editing: An Introduction


Learn the art and craft of documentary editing, from creating visual narratives to working with sound, music, and graphics.

StartEndCourse Fee 
01/10/202208/10/2022[Read More]
From Idea to Reality

F22 Documentary Filmmaking: From Idea to Reality (Online)


Aimed at new and emerging documentary producers and directors, this 4-weeks online course provides a detailed overview at the whole pre-production process, from research, casting, proposal writing, and taster-tape making through to funding and pitching.

StartEndCourse Fee 
11/07/202201/08/2022£150.00[Read More]
Documentary Storytelling: Reloaded

F22 Documentary Storytelling: Reloaded (Online)


A course for documentary practitioners who want to critically frame their filmmaking in order to produce thought-provoking films that have social and cultural implications. 


StartEndCourse Fee 
27/07/202217/08/2022£150.00[Read More]
Expanded Personal Filmmaking

F22 Expanded Personal Filmmaking (Online)


Challenging the notion that personal filmmaking is a move away from the journalistic and political, this short course will give you the tools to deeply consider (and reconsider) what a personal documentary can be.

StartEndCourse Fee 
08/08/202229/08/2022£150.00[Read More]
Making Radio Documentary

F22 Making Radio Documentary


Led by BBC reporter and radio producer Chloe Hadjimatheou, whose recent work includes BBC Radio 4’s Intrigue: Mayday, ‘Making Radio Documentary’ is targeted towards people who want to move from filmmaking to producing audio documentaries, those who want to make their first ever radio documentary and people who are just passionate about listening to radio/documentary audio. This course provides the basic skills needed to get out there and start recording and putting together an audio documentary, podcast or radio programme. Students will study techniques and industry tips and listen to plenty of great radio. There is the opportunity to pitch ideas and develop them throughout the course, as well as practical exercises to get students to lose their inhibitions and start recording.

Chloe Hadjimatheou is an award winning BBC reporter and producer whose work includes: Islamic State’s Most Wanted, Searching for Tobias, No Place to Die, America Revisited, Why Do People Hear Voices?



StartEndCourse Fee 
06/07/202203/08/2022[Read More]
Directing for Television

F22 Making the Move into Directing for Television (Online)


Led by RTS Broadcast and Grierson-winning Executive Producer Katie Buchanan, this 8-week course will give you the knowledge needed for making documentary films for broadcast, online or theatrical release.

StartEndCourse Fee 
21/09/202209/11/2022£150.00[Read More]
Militant Cinema & Activist Film

F22 Militant Cinema & Activist Film (Online)


Led by activist filmmaker Mario Hamad, this five-week online course will prepare you to engage with the global injustices and atrocities of the 21st century by focusing on the concepts and techniques of filmmaking, film viewing and film dissemination as forms of political action.

StartEndCourse Fee 
15/09/202213/10/2022£150.00[Read More]
Sound Recordings

F22 Sound Recording for Documentary Film


Get all the skills needed to capture excellent sound and create a great soundscape, whether you’re making a documentary solo or looking to work as a sound recordist.

StartEndCourse Fee 
15/11/202206/12/2022£150.00[Read More]
Open City Docs

F22 Summer Film School


Want to make a documentary but don’t know where to start? Or do you have experience, but want hands-on guidance through the process of making your short documentary? In just six weeks, our intensive, practice-led summer school led by acclaimed documentary maker Katharine Round gives you the practical, critical and theoretical skills to make your film.

In this practical course, you will complete a 5-10 minute self-shot documentary from start to finish. You will be encouraged and supported to discover and express your own response to the world around you, explore authorship, form, character, emotion, and much more.

You can choose between taking this course from 30th May to 8th July, or from 18th July to 26th August.

StartEndPlaces LeftCourse Fee 
18/07/202226/08/20220£1895.00[Read More]
The Art of Industry: An Introduction to Documentary Pitching

F22 The Art of Industry: An Introduction to Documentary Pitching


For practitioners looking to produce a market-ready pitch, this 4-week online course offers a detailed overview of the forms of pitching preparation, written and visual materials, and tactics of approach needed to approach funders and commissioning editors.

StartEndCourse Fee 
19/09/202210/10/2022£150.00[Read More]
Within & Beyond Reality

F22 Within & Beyond Reality


Covering contemporary UK film, French new wave, post-revolution Iranian cinema, and more, this short course explores the interstices between fact and fiction, questioning truth and our positioning towards it.

StartEndCourse Fee 
19/07/202230/08/2022£150.00[Read More]

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